Weed Control

Weed Control

Creation Care is licensed for General Weed Control, with all staff members individually licensed as Pest Management Technicians. We do weed control for:

Revegetation Site Preparation

Native Vegetation Management, including Bushcare techniques

Woody and invasive weeds on farms and reserves

Gorse control amongst native bush

Project Examples

Creation Care has the capacity to deliver on large scale weed control projects, with clients ranging from local and state government, landcare groups, large corporations and private landholders. Some project examples include:

Hazelwood Grange: A private, 62 hectare site comprising open grassland with sections of bushland, adjacent to Kenneth Stirling Conservation Park.

Whole property weed control works including hand-spraying, brush-cutting, cut and swab and hand-pulling on species including Broom, Blackberry, Kunzea, Gorse, Watsonia, Erica and non-local wattles. Weed control tailored to protect and enhance the native bushland, encourage native regeneration and complement the adjacent Conservation Park.

Below is an example of Creation Care's project planning and mapping capability.

Hazelwood Grange Weed Control Map

Millbrook Reservoir, Gate 32: An SA Water owned site comprising a 24 hectare cleared pine forest.

Weed control works included hand-spraying, drill and fill, basal bark, cut and swab, hand pulling and brush-cutting, on species ranging from large woody weeds such as Broom, Gorse and African Daisy down to small bush-care work on species like Pussytail Grass, Cape Tulip and Pennyroyal. Weed control tailored to a goal of restoring the site to a native, grassy woodland, and complimenting the native plant revegetation works.

Slashed weedy grasses around native Stipa

Andrew and Judy Baghurst: A 21 hectare, privately owned site beginning as an Olive covered hill.

Weed control works included hand-spraying, drill and fill and basal bark on species including olive, cape tulip, bridal creeper and blackberry. Weed control enabled the whole site to be revegetated with local native species, on a whole property rehabilitation level.

Baghurst Aerial Photo

Methods Used

Methods used for weed control are tailored to the species of weed targeted and the site conditions, with methods and timing to ensure the best results.  Methods of weed control including appropriate equipment that we use are:

Handline spraying: for revegetation site preparation, blackberry, broom, gorse, boxthorn, horehound, thistles, and many other weeds in hand-spraying situations.

Long lining: extension spray lines to reach up to 1,000 metres from spray units

Drill and fill: olive, ash, and other tree species

Cut and swab: broom and other species

Basal bark application: olive, broom, gorse, boxthorn and many other woody weeds

Hand-pulling: in areas with sensitive native species that may be damaged by other weed control methods.

Brush-cutting and Slashing: reducing annual grass seed-set, fire hazard reduction .

Chipping and tree removal: removing dead tree material, clearing access, fire hazard reduction.

General Weed Control Photos

Before and After Photos