Plant Nursery

Wholesale Plant Nursery

Creation Care has a wholesale plant nursery in Strathalbyn, South Australia, capable of growing over 180,000 seedlings per year.  We pride ourselves on delivering high quality seedlings on time.

The minimum single order is 2,000 seedlings – which can be made up of mixed species or a single species.

Cell Grown Seedlings

Creation Care specialise in Cell Grown seedlings, which have a number of advantages for large scale revegetation projects, including:

Fully developed root system with cells that are “self root pruned” by the air circulating underneath the cells. This encourages multiple, fibrous roots within the cell to ensure immediate root contact with the soil upon planting.

Small cell size means large quantities of plants can be carried out into the field at one time for planting, increasing efficiency and decreasing cost.

We also grow seedlings in Forestry tubes which are especially good for species that need to be grown from cuttings.

Growing Systems

Features of our growing system are:

Steam cleaning of containers: Before sowing any seed, the selected containers are processed through high pressure, steam cleaning equipment. This super-heated water removes dirt, sediment and calcium build-up, removes weed seeds and kills off any disease pathogens that may be present, ensuring healthy seedlings are grown.

Plants grown from seed or cuttings: Seed or cuttings can be provided to Creation Care from sub-contracted seed collectors, or provided by the customer.

Germination treatment and tunnel: All seed is carefully treated on an individual species basis to ensure maximum germination, which may include hot water treatment, stratification in a freezer or other treatments. Seeds are germinated in a growing tunnel with controlled temperature and moisture.

Heat bed for cuttings: A temperature controlled heat bed with automated misting system ensures cuttings are kept at the optimum temperature and moisture content, to ensure good root growth.

Fertiliser injection system: A system allowing fertiliser to be applied via overhead sprinkler or by hand application of fertilisers. This controlled water/nutrient application allows for the best quality seedlings and speed of growth.

Retractable shade system: A system utilised in outdoor, plant hardening areas, to ensure newly potted seedlings are protected from excessive sun and more mature seedlings protected from heatwaves.

Removable rain shelters: A system ensuring species with low water are not overwatered by significant rain events, thus avoiding root rot and other potential overwatering issues.

Seedling popping: Seedlings can occasionally have such an extensive root system that they are difficult to get out of the container they are grown in. Creation Care provides a seedling popping service once the seedling is of a plantable size, which makes it easy to remove seedlings from their containers.

Seedling transport: The final step is delivering the seedling. Creation Care have a covered, shelved delivery system for safe, efficient plant delivery, allowing transport of up to 10,000 seedlings per load (depending on container type).