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About Us

Creation Care

Greg Dalton, director of Creation Care, has a Degree in Horticulture and worked for 17 years doing native plant research in Government Departments, before establishing Creation Care in 1998. Greg has authored:

Direct seeding of Trees and Shrubs: A Manual for Australian Conditions (download free copy)

Farm Revegetation Design - Optimizing Your Benefits (with P. Bulman) (download free copy)

Dung Beetles: Transform a pollutant into an environment and agricultural benefit (with B. Doube) (download free copy)

Identifying Dung Beetles on the Fleurieu Peninsula (with B. Doube) (download free copy)

Over 20 other publications on native flora establishment and management in different environments, such as in arid zones, coastal and saline sites.

Creation Care is staffed with qualified and trained teams and has a large pool of efficient and modern equipment suitable for large-scale weed control, revegetation and native vegetation management. We have up to date spatial recording systems and the latest ArcGIS software for all our work. We comply with SafeWork SA and the WH&S Act requirements, and have systems in place to ensure the safety and welfare of staff, clients and the environment.

Creation Care fleet

Creation Care started working with dung beetles in 2002.  We have assisted with the establishment of new dung beetle species in Southern Australia; we have specialised in research on mass-rearing of dung beetles; and developed new methods for establishing dung beetles on farms. This research and persistence has enabled us to be able to sell dung beetles and share our knowledge with farmers.

O. vacca on dung

Creation Care is based at Strathalbyn, in the Adelaide Hills, but works on weed management and vegetation establishment and management throughout South Australia, and on dung beetle research and establishment across Southern Australia.